Program: Link

The Link Program is designed to connect and engage youth and elders through Culture and Traditions. Although this program is designed around Indigenous Youth and Elders all people are welcome to join in activities and access program.

Goals of the Link program are to:

  • Provide a safe environment where Urban Indigenous youth and elders can come together and share in their culture, language and traditions
  • Raise cultural awareness and knowledge, equipping youth with the traditional knowledge, practices and tools of the Upper St’at’imc people
  • Provide opportunity for youth and elders to come together and form a Council that will work towards identifying and overcoming challenges they are faced with in their community today including, bullying and racism
  • Provide healthy living options through activities, culture and recreation
  • Provide opportunity for elders to mentor youth
  • Support Indigenous people as they transition to urban area from their outlying community(s)

This project is being delivered under the umbrella of the District of Lillooet and is funded by the Municipalities of British Columbia.

Funded by:

Lillooet Friendship Centre Society