Program: Juniper Room – Daytime Wellness Recovery Centre

The Juniper Room Wellness/Recovery Centre’s team of an Addictions Counsellor and Activity Support Worker will support and engage their clients who are in the recovery stage of their addiction through offering the following services in a culturally sensitive environment:

  • A safe place and support as they continue their Healing Journey while in the recovery stage of their addiction;
  • One to one mental health and addictions Counselling Sessions;
  • Crisis Intervention using a Holistic Approach;
  • Group Sessions including; Men’s and Women’s Group;
  • Traditional Healing Ceremonies including; Sweats & Retreats;
  • Workshop Series including; Living in Balance;
  • Connecting, liaising and referring clients to additional rehabilitation when the need to do so is identified;
  • Conflict Resolution – support to resolve complicated issues;
  • Referrals to social and economic programs and services;
  • Community engagement and promotion of coordinated response to Mental Health and Addictions through Community Partnerships;

Note: Should everything go according to plan the Lillooet Friendship Centre is hoping to open the Recovery/Wellness (Day) Treatment Centre 24 hours a day providing support to clients who are in the Recovery Stage of addiction. Although we are not expected to open 24 hours per day we believe this is the most effective way to support clients of the Juniper Room to overcome their addictions over the long term.

This project is being delivered under the umbrella of the District of Lillooet and is funded by the Municipalities of British Columbia.

Funded by:

Lillooet Friendship Centre Society