Based on a strong foundation and 46 years of experience and expertise delivering multiple government and non-government funded programs..

..we will continue to maintain our diversity and capacity through programs we offer and by ensuring a dedicated, professional, and caring team of staff members is in place to support and empower all who come through our doors. Since our incorporation in 1978 we have built many respectful, and collaborative working relationships that assist our clients to become economically and socially self-reliant. At the current time we have 24 employees and expect to be filling more positions in the near future.

All of the Lillooet Friendship Centre Programs and Services are provided free of charge by a dynamic team of dedicated professionals. Under the guidance and direction of Executive Director, Carol Camille the Program Coordinators lead their team to produce quality and friendly service to all who come through our doors.

Mission Statement

The Lillooet Friendship Centre Society is an Indigenous organization that supports individual, family, and community empowerment through culturally sensitive programs and services offered in a respectful, friendly environment to all who come through our doors.