Program: Engaging Communities for Positive Change (ECPC)

Mission Statement: To raise awareness, address issues as they arise, and educate, empower, and equip more people to become Leaders for Positive Change.

The Engaging Community for Positive Change Program is inclusive of all community members and is designed to:

  • Provide a safe venue and supports to interested community members who want to have their voices heard, while working towards positive change within community!
  • Engage community and form a Community Council for Positive Change
  • Work towards overcoming systemic issues of violence within community
  • Advocate for change at community level – stopping violence in community
  • Build a Tool Kit with the tools equipping community members with the tools needed to speak up about ending violence in community(s)
  • Offer workshops and events while raising awareness about violence in community(s)
  • Offer Cultural supports and activities
  • Open Communication and provide Networking Opportunities
  • Offer a Resource Centre

Funded by:

Lillooet Friendship Centre Society