Victim Assistance Program

          The Victim Assistance Program is community based. Volunteers support clients that have been affected by crime or violence. The service program delivers general information on the criminal justice system and volunteers act as a liaison between the crown counsel and client. The volunteers provide courtroom tours, support clients through the trial process and does follow up with victims and family.
          The Volunteers have been very busy because of several deaths in the community since September 2005. There is an increase in disclosures of residential school survivors of physical and sexual abuse. Also, increases in child sexual abuses have been reported.
          The Choices Program was approved for a grant. Choices Program did various workshops on promoting prevention and awareness on all forms of abuse. Women from the Choices program will work with the youth to coordinate a dinner and theatre on violence. The theatre will promote awareness and prevention on violence.
With the continuous staff changes within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and their positions being relocated to another community, it is difficult to establish a working relationship with the new staff. The VAP Volunteers invited the RCMP and STP to a culture luncheon to help build a working relationship between the volunteers, RCMP and STP. The Coordinator and Volunteers have been very busy supporting families through disclosures, funerals and all forms of abuse.
          On behalf of the Lillooet Friendship Centre Society and the Victim Assistance Program, a special thank you to the VAP Volunteers for all of the time committed and a job well done.